So, I don’t know how to count…

But I’ve caught up now. I’m sure there will be more numbering mistakes in the future.

9.  Grandpa joking with Uncle John on my parents’ phone. They were talking about playing phone tag and Uncle John said something like, “and so I called Judy.” and Grandpa says, “That’s funny, cause I’m here!”

10.  Playing the Easter Egg game.  Everyone has a dyed, hardboiled egg. You whunk your egg with the person next to you: whose ever doesn’t crack, wins.  The eleven of us played and it was super fun.  Especially when Grandpa was moving his egg backward so I wouldn’t hit it, and when Geoff and I were in our special kung-fu egg whunking poses. (Incidentally, Dad won. He was happy.)

11.  Aunt Anne’s cheesecake, made by Gevevieve. (A.nne’s mom’s recipe, I think. Calls for more egg white and whipped cream.)


Hoppy Easter!

6. ? Am I on number six?  Well, puns make me happy, even if they’re really bad.

I said, “Top o’the mornin’ to ya!”
Student rolls eyes.
“What? Is my Irish accent not good enough for you?”
Student shrugs.
You know, I think I have a beef with you now.  A CORNED BEEF!

7.  The Macpodz.  They had a really fun show last night at the Blind Pig, super fun to dance to.  And I liked the people that played before, but I forget their name.  Papa something.

The grump has been defeated!

And all it took was a walk, which is my number three on the list of things that make me happy.

3.  Walks outside when it’s not too hot, not too cold, and breezy.  It helps that I got to accomplish stuff, too: went to the bank, returned books at the library, looked at a piece of jewelry, went to Kroger.

4.  Having a comfy backpack.  It held my purse, jacket, three books, DVD, carton of milk, peanut butter, and dozen eggs.

5.  Getting honked at.  I know, I know…it shouldn’t make me happy.  But it does. I guess I need to just accept the fact that I like a little bit of attention every now and again.

6.  Eating a banana with a scoop of peanut butter.  Is it ok to have two bananas a day? Cause I really like them.  yummm.

Overcoming the Grump

I’m grumpy.  Normally, I kind of revel in my grumpiness. It’s like I’d say, “Yeah, I’m grumpy, what’dya have to say about it?” But this morning I want to shake it and I can’t.  I think I’ll go for a walk.

Walking in the Woods, Solitude

1. Walking in the woods.  There’re a few hiking trails near me and I spent a few hours yesterday just walking and looking and sitting.  There are a lot of really tall pine trees, so the area off the beaten path is soft from all the fallen needles.  Even though I could hear cars if I stopped walking and listened, I still felt like I was deliciously removed from the craziness of normal life.  And I peed outside twice.  🙂 Walking in the woods is connected to happy thing number 2: solitude

2.   A few months ago, I was reading a book on silence by Anne D. LeClaire, Listening Below the Noise, and came across some great quotes.  One that stuck with me is by the Sufi poet, Hafiz.

Don’t surrender your loneliness
so quickly.
Let it cut more deep.

In the book, Anne makes the point that there’s a difference between solitude and loneliness. This shouldn’t be so revolutionary to me, but it is.