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Nothing like a sex joke at church…

Believe it or not, this post is going to be a celebration of my mom.

It started with a sex joke at church…someone told her happy mother’s day, and she said thanks.  Then, “But we really have her father to blame for that…”  We proceeded to laugh so hard that we were shushed by the people behind us.  I’m not sure if the humor really carries through if you weren’t there, but it’s still making me laugh out loud.  🙂

Since I’m spending the day at my parents’ house, I started making the angel food cake for dessert.  After pouring the batter in the pan, I brought the bowl to my mom so we could share it (we’re both connoisseurs of raw dough/batter).  After finishing it, she hands me a mug of tea saying, “Here.  It’s the perfect complement.” Some people talk about wine complimenting a meal or about coffee complementing dessert.  My mom points out a tea that complements raw batter.

And now, she’s sitting behind me practicing the guitar.  She started taking lessons a year ago and practices just about every day for roughly an hour!  I think it’s amazing when people decide that it’s never to late to learn a new skill.

My mom is awesome and I love her!