Laundry fresh off the line

18. With just a little more effort, you can put clothes on the line and get that crunchy feeling and yummy smell.  Slight risk of insects in clothes, but that’s a small price to pay.  And if you shake the clothes well, nothing sticks around.

19.  My backyard neighbor, Lorene, has a friend named Bill. I think they are both 87 years old.  Anyway, sometimes, when he’s done visiting her, he drives the long way out of the neighborhood to drive by my house.  I think he just likes to check up on me to make sure nothing looks drastically out of order.  Whatever the reason, I like it.

20. Bill also brought me two newspaper clippings about starting seedlings inside before the official garden season has started.  This is after I commented that I was thinking about doing that this year.  Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t brought me those clippings.


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