In what will be a common theme, I’m sure, today’s happy things deal with food.

12.  Jello Poke Cake.  Have you ever had it?  It’s so easy but so delicious.  Make a white or yellow cake. When you put the cake in the oven, prepare a small box of jello with just the hot water.  When the cake is done, let it sit for 5 minutes.  Poke the top with the tines of a fork or something.  Pour the liquidy jello over the top.  Cool.  Top with cool whip.  A coworker made it today and it made me happy.

13.  Muesli with fruit and yogurt.  When I was in Berlin last summer, Babsi and I had this for breakfast just about every day.  I’ve been having it a lot lately and it’s so good.  I especially like half a banana, some kiwi, and some apple. I sometimes have it for two meals a day. A piece of me feels like grownups don’t do that, but I don’t care, darn it!

14.  Eating out at Cafe Zola.  Hope we get crepes with nutella and banana!

15.  Peanut butter and fluff sandwhiches.  My mom makes them the best.  Take white mushy bread, spread with peanut butter (smooth), add marshmallow fluff, sprinkle with mini chocolate chips.  Yes, this is breakfast.  And yes, my mom will still make them for me for lunch after I spend the night. (That’s not weird for a 26 year old to admit, is it?)


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